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To visit a cenote is to travel to another world, where you can feel a sense of peace, in harmony with the nature around you.

Cenotes were for the Maya sacred places of life and death, as their source of water and as the gateway to the underworld. They called them Dzonot, which means “cave with water”.

Cenotes are actually windows to the past. Thanks to archaeological diving, important discoveries have been made, like jewelry, bones and other artifacts, which offer more information about the special connection the Maya had with the cenotes. Even fossils of previously unknown species such as the giant anteater and a type of ancient horse have been found.

Did you know that there are about 8,000 cenotes distributed throughout the Yucatan Peninsula? Many are believed to be interconnected by massive cave systems that eventually lead to the sea.

Zací Cenote

Zací cenote is one of the largest, most impressive open cenotes in Yucatan. It is located a few blocks from the main square of Valladolid and it is the place where the legend of the love of Zac Nicté and Hul-Kil arose.

The height between the vault and the cenote is approximately 85 feet and has a water depth of 262 feet. Zací cenote boasts a unique collection of stalactites along its wide inner dome, home to many species of birds like swallows. On a sunny day the water has a turquoise color and if you look closely, you will see small fish, a species without eyes called Lub.

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Sacred Blue Cenote at Ik'kil

Immerse yourself in the waters of a cenote, where once could only be accessed by Mayan kings. Sacred Blue Cenote Ik'Kil is located 2 miles from Chichén Itzá. It is an open cenote almost perfectly circular, surrounded by trees and lush vegetation falling like waterfalls.

It has crystal clear water at a depth of 131 feet, deep and crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and admiring goldfish, catfish, even small turtles. If you're intrepid, you can jump from a platform of 16 feet high!

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